ah, yes. 4:19 AM and i haven’t slept a wink. not even tired.

hello darkness, my old friend.


I love my skin!



breaking news: all ur fave characters are asexual

i volunteer a lego piece as the new symbol for autism. theyre not a piece missing from something, theyre just incredibly great and you can build a lot of things with them-- in fact, the more lego pieces you have, the better. unlike a puzzle piece, you dont need to "solve" legos. they come in thousands of different shapes and colors. and if you step on one, you will regret it. also legos are cool.


this is one of the most amazing asks i’ve ever received

in fact i was planning on drawing something for this but then i realized i can’t draw

you ever just watch so many episodes of a tv show that nothing makes sense in the world and your brain feels like pudding


Dan’s got himself a snazzy hat

omg so you guys ARE dating

popunkscott replied to your post: popunkscott replied to your post “So a…

Fair enough! What about passenger seat by death cab for cutie then??

all death cab songs are trobed songs. you know my weakness.

and this one fits.